Recuadacion de Fondos

Mabel's Labels has sweet gifts, festive labels, and personalized books.

Mabel has the perfect way to make your season bright.

Please note: We are unable to credit individuals for their Fundraising Deposits for Mabel's Labels.

In order for Caminitos to benefit, you need to purchase one of the Fundraising Produce Boxes and Kits. You can, of course, order other groceries as well, but Caminitos only gets fundraising from those ones.

After you decide what you'd like to purchase, have created your account, and are checking out:

  1. Enter the promo code FUNDRAISING in the Promo Code/Gift Certificate box
  2. Click "Redeem Promo"
  3. Navigate away from that screen; can click "Keep Shopping" or "Home" etc.
  4. Return to checkout (top right hand side of screen)
  5. You should now have to option to donate to Caminitos. It will be beneath your subtotal in the "Add Donation To..." drop down menu. Select Caminitos Spanish Preschool.

You will only need to do this the first time you order. Subsequent orders will be credited to Caminitos automatically, if you purchase the Fundraising Produce Boxes and Kits.

Then, once you've received your final invoice (i.e. after delivery), please forward it to to receive fundraising credit. If friends or family participate, you can receive the credit by forwarding their invoices to the Treasurer as well (just make sure it's clear who the Treasurer should credit, please).

Please consider Standing Orders, as Spud will give you an additional 5% off! (Standing orders can be weekly, bi-weekly, or even just monthly.)