1. Do you provide bus service?

    • No. Children need to be dropped off and picked up by the parent/guardian or caregiver.

  2. Is the program bilingual or immersion?

    • It is bilingual: part in English and part in Spanish.

  3. Are the teachers native Spanish speakers?

    • Yes, both Teacher and Teacher's Assistant are fluent speakers. Please see "Our Teaching Staff" section.

  4. How much is the monthly tuition?

  5. What days do you operate?

  6. How many students are there in a class?

    • There are a maximum of 16 students in a class.

  7. Do parents need to know Spanish to enroll their children?

    • No, Spanish and non-Spanish speaking families are welcomed.

  8. Do we need to raise funds?

    • Yes, funds help run our program. Tuition covers insurance, the lease, taxes and our staff salaries. Classroom supplies and extras are purchased with fundraising.

  9. Do the kids get to play outside?

    • Yes, once they have learned to follow instructions from the teachers and when the weather permits it.

  10. Can parents/guardians join the class?

    • Parents/guardians have various volunteer obligations to help Caminitos run smoothly, which may include class participation for such things as Kindercooking and various special events. Please see the Parent Handbook for more details regarding volunteering.

Parents/guardians are also welcome to ask the Teachers if any extra help is needed in the classroom, after their child’s first month of school.

For additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us!